SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Airboat West

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Introducing the PowerRaft TM a patented swiftwater rescue vehicle. We build highly versatile rescue specific airboats designed to carry 15 passengers or up to 2,250 pounds of cargo in shallow water, salt water/rough sea, or rapid rivers with treacherous current. Realize the powerful potential of airboat rescue when combined with the safety of swiftwater, whitewater, open sea, ice, and shallow water capabilities. The PowerRaft excels in icy conditions and transitions seamlessly from water to ice and floats on deep snow. Designed by a 33 year whitewater professional with extensive rescue experience, the PowerRaft is rescue specific at 20' long, 10' wide, 9' tall, with 425 hp,15,000 lb. total flotation and a total weight of 1500 lbs. Our Cat Tubes are air inflatable and insure a smooth ride-made from poly-urathane bullet-proof to 9mm, scratch and abrasion resistant, impervious to gas, oil, and diesel, will bounce off rocks and act as bumpers or fenders, and are made with high-tech materials that maintain integrity and stay color-fast for many years. We also retrofit sponsons for any and all existing airboats. We sell boats (rescue & whitewater,) motors/engines, propellors, tubes/sposons, wire cloth, rigging, and fabrication materials. We build airboats, rescue boats, and custom boats.
This rescue vehicle:
- Protects occupants from overhead obstructions, power lines, etc.
- Gets under house eaves, and gets people off roofs easily
- Can efficiently carry two backboards and a 40 ft ladder
- Has marine grade stainless steel
- Can survive a rollover or a 20 foot free fall


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